You can also use Paypal, just send any payments to info@piklawgroup.com. We have more options below.

If you need to make payments to us, use this form: PLG BK02.07 PLG PAYMENT PLAN OPTIONS

Most law firms will charge about $1500-$2000 for Chapter 7 and about $4000-$4500 for Chapter 13′s.

At the Pikramenos Law Group, we know that times are tough and we offer the flexibility and understanding you need.  The Chapter 7 filing fee is $306 and Chapter 13 is $281 (these fees are the new fees put in place by the Bankruptcy Court as of Nov. 1, 2011).  You can start with as little as $100 to open your file.  We offer low payment plans so that you can “pay what you want, when you want”.  In some cases, we can even barter with you for goods or other services.  Ask.We are proud to offer FREE consultations for some cases to gather information and evaluate your case. Sometimes consultations will require legal advice to be rendered and we may request you to pay an affordable legal fee for such advice.

We strive to take a holistic approach at solving issues as economically as possible – as opposed to using you (the client) to generate excessive legal fees.

With that in mind, people often ask why attorneys and other skilled professionals charge high prices even if all the client or patient needs is sometimes just a 5 minute answer to their problem.  The answer lies in the years and years of training, the time and effort we must utilize to achieve at our conclusions and the liability attached to your specific issue.

In general, I can offer you two of the three of the following, but it is impossible for me or anyone to offer you all three: 

1.  Fast Speed.
2.  Cheap Cost.
3.  Good Quality.   
I can do 1 and 2 but it won’t be 3.  I can do 1 and 3, but it won’t be 2.  You get the picture.  It’s up to you which two you would like.

PLG offers our clients both flat fees and hourly fees based on the nature and type of case involved. Some situations are more complex and involve a greater amount of work. We strive to reduce costs wherever possible.

PLG accepts cash, checks, and credit cards. We are also willing to make special arrangements with clients.

If you would like at appointment please visit Our Appointment Calendar After you book, you should receive an email shortly with details. You might want to check your junk folder just in case. Better Yet! add Info@Piklawgroup.com to your contacts.

Many people wonder why some attorneys offer Free Consultations and others don’t. Keep reading…

We offer free consultations for Clients wishing to file Bankruptcy (chapter 7 or 13), Clients needing Foreclosure Defense, Personal Injuhttp://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-https/installation/ry Potential Clients, and others if waived by PLG. In some instances we will take your case on a contingency basis (No Up Front Costs to You) and in many circumstances we can offer a flat fee rate, in which case your consultation fee will apply to the price we quote. Other times, we will want to request a retainer and then bill you hourly based on a reasonable hourly rate. This will be made clear to you at the consultation.


If you don’t want to pay without knowing whether I can help you or not, email me at Justin@Piklawgroup.com and I’ll be happy to let you know whether I can help you or not.

I don’t give legal opinions over email, but I will generally be able to answer some brief questions and possibly ask some short follow up questions and be able to tell you whether your should bother coming in for a paid consultation or not.

I’ll do any consultation over the phone or Skype or in person. I’ve even been known to make house calls, meet at a coffee shop or bakery. Because of recent law changes you may have to fill out some forms before we can meet. It’s just the law and I’m protecting you and myself. If other attorneys aren’t requiring it, then perhaps they aren’t abiding by the law. For instance, the Bankruptcy Code says that you must receive certain documents within a designated timeframe.


There are a few reasons why we (and other attorneys SHOULD) charge for some consultations:

(1) We’re knowledgeable and we don’t want you to think our knowledge and service is cheap.

(2) We’re going to give you quality legal advice

(3) If we meet with you for free and you choose not to hire us, we cannot then represent your adversary (regardless if they are throwing money at us). We’re actually ethical.

(4) Much of our job entails learning, studying and applying the law to fact patterns and then rendering opinions based on similar fact patterns. Just because our service entails opinions and analysis doesn’t mean it’s not worth anything. Do you work for free? Do you expect a doctor to examine you, perform tests and give you a prognosis or diagnosis for free? I didn’t think so.

If you would like, please feel free to email me a list of your questions 24 hours prior to your consultation.


If you have an invoice from us or would otherwise like to make a payment, please do click here now PLG Secure Online Payments you will be directed to our Secure Online Customer Portal where your invoice(s) should be shared with you and you should be able to make payment.


INITIAL CONSULT FEE (the First Initial Consultation for Qualification for Bankruptcy, Personal Injury and Foreclosure Defense is Free)

Please make sure to arrive early or on time as we reserve the right to charge additional fees and/or cancel your appointment if you cancel or reschedule with less than 24hours.


$399 (we pull transcripts)*

*Please allow at least 3 days before the consult to receive & analyze transcripts

**$150 for each transcript over 4

***Additional fees may be required for more complex matters.

Tax Discharge Analysis




Make a Payment





$500 FOR REVIEW INCLUDES FIRST HOUR OF CONSULTATION An attorney will review your assets, liabilities and other information. At the consultation we will walk you through each asset that needs to be protected and suggest advice on how best to protect those assets. We will also offer suggestions for comprehensive asset protection and how best to protect yourself in the future so that you eliminate or minimize any creditor risk.

  • After successful payment, please contact us at 813-413-1300 for a PLG Asset Protection Intake. After you complete this and submit it to us, please allow for at least 24 hours review prior to your consultation.



You May Choose to pay for your uncontested fees all at once or half before we begin and the other half prior to us giving you the documents. It’s your choice


UNCONTESTED DIVORCE I: (No Children, Property or Liabilities) $1500.00(includes $408 court filing fee)

UNCONTESTED DIVORCE II: (with property and/or liabilities but NO children) $1750(includes $408 court filing fee)

UNCONTESTED DIVORCE III: (Children Involved) $2000(includes $408 court filing fee)




UNCONTESTED DIVORCE I: (No Children, Property or Liabilities) $1500.00(includes $408 court filing fee)

UNCONTESTED DIVORCE II: (with property and/or liabilities but NO children) $1750(includes $408 court filing fee)

UNCONTESTED DIVORCE III: (Children Involved) $2000(includes $408 court filing fee)

*note that there is a 3% convenience fee for credit and debit cards. Discounts given for other forms of payment. 

Free Bankruptcy Consult with Tampa Bankruptcy Attorney
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We Help Good People Find Smart Solutions to Life and Debt Situations

You Have Questions. We Have Answers.  We Can Help You Get a FRESH START. 
Bills, Lawsuits, Garnishments, Medical, Personal Loans

Bills, Lawsuits, Garnishments, Medical, Personal Loans

Section 362 of the Bankruptcy Code implements an Automatic Stay stopping all collection actions against eligible debtors including harassing calls, lawsuits and garnishments you as soon as you file.  We may even be able to recover garnished funds from PRIOR to your filing. We may even be able to eliminate prior judgments.   
Foreclosure, Second Mortgages, Association Fees & Car Loans

Foreclosure, Second Mortgages, Association Fees & Car Loans

We have been successful at eliminating second loans, stopping foreclosure, saving homes and even surrendering homes and all association fees.  We\'ve also been successful at preventing repossession, reducing car loan interest and reducing car loans. 
Tax Debt Problems

Tax Debt Problems

Despite what other professionals may say, some taxes are dischargeable in bankruptcy.  Taxes that are not dischargeable in Chapter 7 may be minimized and paid off in a Chapter 13.  Want to find out if your tax debts qualify for Bankruptcy? Ask for a "Tax Discharge Analysis" Consultation to find out IF, WHEN and HOW discharging your taxes may be possible. 

School Loans

School Loans

Ask us about interesting ways of dealing with your student debts.  Despite what you\'ve heard before, YOU DO HAVE OPTIONS.  Act now before your lenders or their collectors begin garnishing your wages.     
Credit Reporting Errors

Credit Reporting Errors

Tell us about your credit reporting errors.  After bankruptcy we will help you ensure you get a FRESH start with a clean credit report.  We\'ll also ensure no debts discharged creep back onto your credit report.  If they do, we may be able to make you some money. 
Creditor Harassment

Creditor Harassment

Certain actions debt collectors do are against Federal and Florida laws.  Tell us about your problems and we\'ll tell you how we can help and if we might win you some money. 
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